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HMT Technology Corp - NASDAQ
Manufactures and supplies thin film disks for high-end, high capacity hard disk drives used in high-end personal computers, network servers and workstations.

Hutchinson Technology - NASDAQ
Develops, manufactures and markets suspension assemblies for use in computer rigid disk drives and other technical applications; And manufactures etched and stamped components, welded assemblies and laminated components.

Iomega Corp - NYSE
Designs, manufactures and markets data storage devices including disk drives and tape drives based on removable-media technology, for personal computers and consumer electronics device users.

Komag Inc - NASDAQ
Develops, manufactures and markets thin-film media for storage of digital data in computer hard disk drives.

Quantum Corp (DSS)- NYSE
The DLT and Storage System Group supplies DLT tape drives and media cartridges, tape libraries, network attached storage (NAS) appliances and solid state storage systems.

Quantum Corp (HDD) - NYSE
The Hard Disk Drive Group supplies hard drives for desktop PCs, network servers, workstations and storage subsystems, as well as a new category of drives for the consumer electronics market.

Read-Rite Corp - NASDAQ
Produces and sells thin film magnetic recording heads for rigid disk drives.

Seagate Technology - NYSE
Designs, manufactures and markets disc drives and disc drive components, tape drives, software and other products for storage, retrieval and management of data on notebook computers, desktop personal computers, workstations, supercomputers, and data communication.

Storage Technology Corp - NYSE
Designs, manufactures, markets and services information storage and retrieval subsystems for high-performance and midrange computer systems and networks; Produces and develops software and network communication and random access products.

Western Digital Corp - NYSE
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets hard drives for use in computer systems, ranging from notebook and desktop personal computers, to high-performance workstations, lan servers and multi-user systems.


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