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Amgen Inc - NASDAQ
Develops, manufactures and markets human therapeutic products used in the areas of neurobiology, hematology, infectious disease and inflammations to fight infection and stimulate the production of blood cells while patients undergo various forms of treatment.

Biochem Phara Inc - NASDAQ
Researches, develops and markets therapeutic, vaccine and diagnostic products for the prevention, detection and treatment of infectious and other diseases.

Biogen Inc - NASDAQ
Researches, develops, discovers, manufactures and licenses drugs for human healthcare, focusing in areas of multiple sclerosis, inflamatory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, developmental biology, kidney diseases and disorders and gene therapy.

Engages principally in the generation, sale and support of genomic information and enabling data management and analysis software. It also provides gene discovery, genotyping and related genomics services.

Cephalon, Inc. - NASDAQ
Discovers, develops and markets therapeutic products for treating neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and head and spinal injuries.

Chiron Corporation - NASDAQ
Develops, manufactures and markets human healthcare products for treatment, prevention and diagnosis of disease, including therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics.

Genzyme General - NASDAQ
Develops, manufactures and sells a variety of biological and chemical products used in human health care applications, such as enzymes and substrates for clinical analysis, complex organic chemicals, biological products for treatment of cartilage damage, severe burns, chronic skin ulcers and neurodegenerative diseases; Supplies sophisticated genetic diagnostic services to health care providers throughout the u.s. and internationally; And develops, manufactures and markets surgical products, such as sutures and needles, chest drainage and autotransfusion systems, and cardiovascular punches.

Gilead Sciences, Inc. - NASDAQ
Discovers, develops and commercializes proprietary therapeutics for challenging infectious diseases such as viral, fungal and bacterial diseases, and cancer.

Immunex Corporation - NASDAQ
Discovers, develops, manufactures and markets innovative therapeutic products for treatment of cancer, infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders.

MedImmune, Inc. - NASDAQ
Researches, develops, manufactures and markets therapeutics and vaccines for the treatment and prevention of certain infectious diseases and cancer, and for use in transplantation medicine.

Organogenesis Inc. - AMEX
Designs, develops and manufactures medical therapeutics including living tissue replacements, cell-based organ assist devices and other tissue-engineered products.

Vertex Pharmaceu. Inc. - NASDAQ
Discovers, develops and sells novel, small molecule pharmaceuticals for treatment of diseases, such as hiv infection and aids, cancer, hepatitis c and diabetic neuropathy, which have limited or no effective treatments.


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